Quick Reads: The Simple Way to Roast Your Own Coffee

Roasting great coffee is simpler than you might think. You will need the following: Green coffee beans ( I purchase from Showroom Coffee) Popcorn maker (Purchase from Amazon here: Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper – Metal Gear – Silver) A heat source such as an oven stove. I set the heat to slightly over medium (for most stoves, this would be a “6”). It takes about 45 … Continue reading Quick Reads: The Simple Way to Roast Your Own Coffee

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Why We Love It: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 80-Series

We grew up in this car. I learned to drive in it and I drove it to pass my driver’s license exam. As of writing this, its the only new car our mom has ever bought. We still use this truck as a daily driver and it has never had an engine rebuild. The 80-Series, in my opinion, is the last model in which the … Continue reading Why We Love It: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 80-Series

Our Favorite Mt. Shasta Lakes

Mt. Shasta is a peaceful town near the Oregon/California border surrounded by wonderful opportunities for summer adventure and relaxation. My family owned a cabin here for several years and I stayed there twice each year with my parents and siblings. The lakes I describe below are all within a few miles from each other and are only about a 5 mile drive from the grocery … Continue reading Our Favorite Mt. Shasta Lakes

Gorillas: In the Midst of Destruction

Gorillas live in one of the most violent places on earth and are essentially sitting ducks. The two gorilla species live within and around the Congo River basin. This is an area roughly half the size of the United States and is largely unexplored due to inaccessibility and hostile groups and poachers. Each species has lowland and upland subspecies. Norwegian Refugee Council’s DR Congo director, … Continue reading Gorillas: In the Midst of Destruction

Costa Rica: A Musical Expedition

We spent a total of eight days and traveled over 400 miles along Costa Rica’s west coast with a group of talented highschool choir students. I summarize our trip by describing what we did in each town, what we saw, and the people we met.

“I looked out my window as our behemoth of a bus went over a bridge and realized that we were above a river overpopulated by crocodiles. We traveled along several cliffs allowing us to see many coves that dotted the shoreline. It was easy to imagine a pirate ship anchored in the distant bay.”

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